In South Africa, the Chinese are doing business with the Chinese, Indians with Indians, Pakistanis with Pakistanis, Jews with the Jews, and Europeans with Europeans. But Black people are buying from everybody and not amongst themselves. And this makes black people just a market of the rest.

And If you find black people doing business amongst themselves in South Africa you’ll find that the government is being a major partner in trying to boast this desperate race. It is impossible that black people can do business with other races unless black people are just the buyers – the market.

For all my life, as a columnist and a journalist, I was told tens of times never to become a racist. And I have listened tens of times never to be racism in my thinking, my writings or dialogues. Well, I have always avoided racist philosophy and thoughts in my soul.

But ever since always avoiding racist ideas and behaviors in my business practices, as a black man I have always refused to live under racism as I know how it is to be racially discriminated. Then I realised that while a black man is not racism everyone is a racist in this country towards a black man. And writing about it sounds racist.

When the Europeans decided to some to Africa in the 13th century their intentions were not to cuddle with a black man and wish him well in his industry, but was to destroy his life; cities, identity and steal his wealth and land. For over 500 years, the white man invaded and destroyed cities in Africa and enslaved Africans in Europe where they have contributed profoundly for the development of Europe – economically and politically. The enslavement of Africans has been so violent that millions have perished along the way in Transatlantic Slave Trade route back in the 17th century. The conjuring of cities in African let to many Kings and Queens murdered in cold blood by colonial troops.

And these have always been denied by Europeans, that they have destroyed what the black man has build for ages in Africa and enslaved its people in to Europe for European development. For these they even refused to repay or pay reparation for 500 years of slavery. The colonialisation programme of Africa by Europeans is a proof that the Whiteman did not come to Africa to kiss Africans and say “we love you”. But they came to “take and kill” if necessary. And yes, they took the wealth and killed those who resisted.

The Arabs too are as guilty as Europeans in the enslavement of Africans. They did these since 11th century before the white came to brutally destroy cities and kill Africans in cold blood. The Arabs introduced Islam to most parts of North Africa and this was not a easy task. They forced their religion by killing and enslaving Africans. Until today there are traces of blacks being kept as slaves in Irag, Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan including Pakistan – where Africans are still kept in camps as slaves today. The UN was tasked in 2013, after an incidence in India of slaughtering of 43 black university students in just one day. They where ordered to to probe and investigate black slavery and racism against blacks in Indian communities and universities. But until today we are still waiting for the report for these incidences. The report was shelved as a “black man is less important”.

Today, we see the Chinese Communist Party decided to invest heavily in to African states. The Chinese decided to come to Africa today in the name of “Investment in Infrastructure Development in Africa”. But we all know what does this mean, “Investment…” It means to “take and kill” – this is the system first introduced by Europeans through re-colonialisation of Africa.

As “Investors in mining” they will dig the soil, expose the underground toxins or contaminants to the surface, and if communities protests the secret agents forces or the state police would block the protests, shoot at protesters and eventually kill leaders of the protests just like they have killed people in Marikana Rustenburg and other mining communities – for refusing to obey and live with pollutants. Billions of dollars would be counted in foreign exchanges and shipped abroad while the African workers would be paid in few rands and die of lung illnesses as a result of heavy pollutions and cancer.

The Pakistanis entrepreneurs who have invaded our communities and established retail and spaza shops are the new threat to local enterprises. We see Pakistanis everywhere; they have established their businesses in which they make huge profits form sales of face and unhealthy food, they do these for themselves and their families back in Pakistan.

Where you find these shops the Pakistanis are the shop owners and the black people living nearby in shacks and squatter camps are just market for these stores. The stores are found in townships and rural establishments where the black poorest class lives. A Pakistan store owner would rent a building locally, put one or two black Africans as interpreters and hang in the shop daily.

But this arrangement is not necessarily a job creation arrangement. It is just a day-to-day opportunity to provide a temporary occupation for the Africans. There are often never a contract entered into between the Pakistan shop owner and the Africans. It is just like a daily agreement where you work today and get paid in the afternoon and you still have to come back the next day.

The Indians and Chinese too use this method of providing occupation opportunities for the Africans. They do not necessarily interact with Africans on a permanent business to business relationships or employer and employee relationship, it is an informal arrangement where the African is racially discriminated by the Pakistanis, Indians and the Chinese while they enjoy making money from African working class.

The Chinese, Pakistanis and Indians have planned the whole arrangements of coming to Africa to make a black population a market for their products. They have well planned programme; that when they come to African territory they treat black people as a market and not as business partners. They do not do deals with the black people, except at the government level. They do business amongst themselves and treat a black man as sub-ordinate in the whole arrangements.

When a Chinese need a stock for his own store he or she would probably call his or her Chinese counterparts to bring and supply his or her with the stock. This applies also to the Pakistanis and Indians; they do not do business with the black man but amongst themselves. A black man is a market, finish and klaar!

White people and the Jews have exploited Africans for many years in mining, agriculture and manufacturing. Blacks have always provided cheap labour for these industries for many years. The top layer in the management and ownership of these corporations in mining, agriculture and manufacturing always ended with the white people or the Jews. Blacks made it only at the bottom, as the general workers to the mid-supervisory levels, earning between R2800 and R10 000 depending on sex, tribe and education level.

“Black man you are on your own” – Steve Biko.




  1. Could the writer of this excuse for an article please enlighten me on the following points….

    1. Exactly which cities did the colonials destroy in RSA?
    2. Which King and/or Queen of RSA did they kill?
    3. What infrastructure existed prior to Europeans arriving?
    4.What happened to these so called “cities” since then? Did the archaeological evidence just vaporize?

    You ramble on about absolute rubbish, without any facts to back it up.
    You claim not be racist, but your article stinks of it self-pity and racism.


  2. Can someone get me in touch with the Person that Wrote that Piece.
    I have apprehend a very useful information to a Black Man. Email me.
    Beautiful Piece!


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