Black power 1.jpg

I was born original. I am was born a God. I am not a hunter for a God. I am God myself. When i prays i pray for God that is me. I do not prays a God form Nazareth or Jerusalem or Bethlehem. I am not religious but I am spiritual. I do not follow a pattern of believe. I follow my own spirit – an African God gave me life.

I was born a believer but not religious. I am spiritual and not a follower. I live as a God and God is in me. I have no God of Nazareth or Jerusalem or Bethlehem in me, but i am a God of Africa. I am God of all humanity and in my veins flows the blood of kindness and of Ubuntu.

I am original – the creation of all civilisation. Unlike the so called “Civilised race” I am original and I do not prays money but a lion – it is my totem. I live and breathe peace. I am the creation of the civilised world, I am an original. My God is circle!

I am black, an original soul. All colours in the universe are derivative form of blackness, even humanity is originally black. My heart and my universe are round. Everything around me is in circle – a sun, moon, earth, my house, kraal and the plate where i eat from is in circle – my God is a circle.

I am an original. I worship my circle – it is my life. I seat in circle, i worship in circle and dance in circle. I  make fire and we all seat in circle – i am a God of a circle. I do not look up in the skies when I call my God – an African God. I kneel down in circle because my God is underneath, not in the heavens – the heavens do not exist. I pray earth and earth is round – a circle.

I am original. When I die I will be buried in circle. I will find my Gods seated in circle. In the after life I will join my blood line. I am spiritual and not religious. I cannot follow the pattern of believe because I am God myself.

The God that cursed the race that have destroyed its castles build in circles – for he shall remain the only God. I am God, I am black and I am original.

I am me, i am original and i am my own God – the only God of a circle!

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